The Radio Dept.

A Relief turned into A Grief

The week long nightmare that started last Wednesday finally hit the roof with the cancellation announcement of The Radio Dept. tour yesterday.
Yes, I was very fortunate to have
interviewed my fave band and seen them live 3 times this year, but my heart is greedy. To be in the company of perfectionists who produce exquisite pop songs… their humility, integrity, and politeness so rare… my heaven's not on fire.
To be in the same space with them was the only thing I was looking forward to for the rest of the year.
But I'm sure they had a very good reason to disappint their fans.
And after all the tribulations my birth month had brought, I had to laugh & cry at the same time for fate taking away my dream.
Then I must tell myself it's all an illusion to shorten this long face the world does not desire.
Johan, you know me so well without knowing me:
I'd like to travel through time
But I can't do that
I never knew that good experiences
Could cause a pain like this
I want something that I can't have
- lyrics from "It's Been Eight Years"

So guess I'll see you someday

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