What Come May: Owen Pallett & a-ha

This past May, I was only able to attend two concerts but it was definitely a case of quality over quantity.

On the 11th, my favorite violin player,
Owen Pallett, came to town with his magical keyboard and angelic voice.
His latest epic high concept album,
Heartland, is my favorite album of the year so far.
Nice setting for experimental chamber pop, but I always feel like I have to behave, and not get in people’s way at the
Aladdin while taking photos.
The only time people stood up was when
The Church played there.
Well, I guess better to just read
my review.

The second show was a fulfillment of our life-long dream. Christina and I flew to L.A. to see a-ha.
I never got to see David Bowie live and was not about to let anything stop me from catching my first favorite band.
It was everything we had hoped for. Our only regret was that we didn’t also come on the previous night.
Well, one can’t be too greedy I suppose.
Thanks to Kabeer for setting us up.
Links to
review and photos.

Album review on one of my favorite bands: The Radio Dept., and of course, they are from Sweden