The Radio Dept.


Though I could complain about a few things about my recent trip to northern Europe, it would be very minuscule. Contrary to my fears, the weather was very tolerable and every appointment was met. The biggest complaints are how expensive it is for an American, especially in Stockholm, and my suitcase met its end five days prior to my return - it's now rotting away somewhere in Berlin.
Had a bit of rough start before the weather loosened its grip of winter and trying to cope with unfamiliarities - likely the trip started in Denmark, where everyone speaks English (I do try to learn a few common phrases when I go to a foreign country, but Scandinavian languages are not as immerse-able as the romantic ones) and helpful - they are usually knowledgeable and honest, not like in Costa Rica, where it seems everyone has a different opinion about which is north and south.
After 8 days, I'm still about 35% from finishing all the pieces I have gathered during my trip. I didn't get to do much sightseeing, working on them as much as I can during the trip and have been at it ever since my return - guess when you also have video to deal with, it doubles the workload if not more.
My acupuncturist,
Shannon was sweet to connect me with her Danish friends, sisters Helle & Mette, who gave me an authentic Danish experience in their hometown of Sorø.

So far, Denmark pieces are done.
Spent 5 days in Denmark, based in Copenhagen to catch
Efterklang's final Magic Chairs concert and interview Casper with one day in Aarhus to see The Radio Dept. on their first date of European tour.
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