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Mew/Friendly Fires

I’m flying out on Monday to the sunshine state to observe tradition and thought I shouldn’t let the year end without rambling.
Finally shot my 8th music video the weekend before Thanksgiving. It’s only like 3 months behind the schedule but hey - I could blame someone but in the end I can only blame myself for having faith in certain people... negativity aside, it was a lot fun to be on set, working with some of my best friends at the Waterheater where we froze but had much freedom. I flew in Chris Covel, who was working on Adult Swim for Comedy Central down in L.A. to realize my sci-fi fantasy. In the end, the time got the best of us and now I’m struggling to find talents to help me in post production. But in my heart, I know I have to do all the drawings and post effects - God help me!
You can check out the photos from the shoot on my facebook .
The identity of the music video is confidential until its premiere date at the end of January.

In other news... I had to write my first music journal piece, in addition to taking photos. Really wanted to see Final Fantasy who was opening for The Mountain Goats but only TMG people were accepting guest list - and only one spot. Well, damn - TMG never caught my ear but the show was fantastic - both acts were ace. You can read my mumble jumble.
The review took so many hours and days out of me that I said I’d never do it again but fell into the same predicament for the very show. The xx were opening for The Friendly Fires who rocked Doug Fir - fun, fun, fun!
The most recent concert experience happened last Saturday. The Danish prog rockers, Mew, made me their permanent fan. Felt like discovering the second version of The Church (my fave band since 15). The more I listen and learn about Mew, I realize how much they reflect me and The Church was the only band that ever made me feel that way.
Mew’s latest album with the longest title ever made #3 on my top 2009 list but now I’m considering maybe even 1 or 2. Jonas’ voice at its high notes, can be less than desirable (though lovely when it’s not) at times but their musical compositions are pure genius. And they have the best projection show, created by the singer himself.
I LOVE Scandinavia.
I wish I had tried harder to get better photos...