2013 in Interview Quotes

Though I don’t use this page for news these days, thought would be good to update from a sick cat post to at times humorous interview moments in 2013.
Lot of fun during the shoot but finalizing edit is always bit of a chore. But what is elation without the torment? ha


While the music world is perpetually refreshing My Bloody Valentine site tonight, I am avoiding the Internet super traffic and be amused by everyone going frantic. I suppose there was a time where I would have partaken in such frenzy, but these days, there is too much good music hidden in every chasm - why waste time with an unstable site when that album is going to be there - now and forever.

In the meantime, maybe you'll check out the latest single, "Future", by my favoruite Finnish band,
Delay Trees. And as a shameless self promotion, watch the music video I made for the song that premiered at Under The Radar (another goal accomplished). This was like the most stress-free music video to make - just goes to show you, it's really not about the video, but about the band. Thanks to my Finnish friends for letting me run with it.
My "statement" on the
Vimeo page.

You can also stream "Future" and read my little blurb at

Fin Reflexion

I'm sure for many of you, it feels a lot like Christmas… but I keep forgetting Christmas has yet to pass.
I usually visit my mum and the family in Florida for Xmas, but this year we decided to do our once/year visit during Thanksgiving to save some $ on air tickets.
Maybe I'll wander around Portland like a ghost on Christmas Day and observe the further entanglement that is the mystery of life… since all volunteering positions have been filled. Or maybe I should keep working on the footage I videoed in Finland.
But here's one I finally finished (well, I could make it better but time, time, time…): it may not look like the most time consuming of my video interviews to date but sure was a challenge cutting down 1:20 min of footage to @15min and trying to balance the three different representatives.
This interview on
Soliti label was purely a labor of love and a pretty costly one at that.
Musicians may not make much money but many of us music journalists don't make any. I suppose the industry takes advantage on both sides… but I would gladly empty my bank account to do it again.
Watch it below and you can read my intro, stream and download tracks at

I don't anticipate taking anymore concert photos before year's end so here's a summary of

Been discovering a lot of music from this year too late but here are eight albums that had affected me each in their own way (click on image):

And I did some other stuff but with short daylight, I am lazy… and there's always Google and
Twitter if you really want to know.

So as this dimension keeps chasing the future, I hope we are a bit more wiser and kinder.

Sigur says animals are for petting, not for eating!

So We Finnishly Meet

October, you have always been my favorite and this year, you have forever marked my heart.
Once again, the events unfolded seemed to be bound by fate.
Finland was calling me, and I found a way to be there.
Things didn't quite pan out the way I had first envisioned, but it all coalesced like some forgotten dream.
Because I had decided to catch
Delay Trees in concert though it meant I had to travel further from Helsinki.
And because I had found the courage to ask them if I can ride with them, I am now forever left with a memory of one magical night.
It's not easy for me to feel comfortable around most people, but I felt like a child with an untainted worldview around the lads of Delay Trees.
Do you know what I mean?
Do you recall once when you were young, when you believed in all possibilities and found wonder in the simplest things?
Well, I would never be able to translate the feeling in words verbatim but something like that.
That wonderful feeling when you don't feel like the need for a small talk.
When you feel you have known someone before you ever met them…

I found Finns generally to be one of the most likeable people.
And they produce loads of wonderful music that had escaped my ears until this year.
Think I'll stop here before it becomes what it is not…
But there is always the sadness - slowly, eventually, it fades - if you can't perpetually replicate the initial experience.
One day I'll build a perpetual replication machine…
For now, here's my piece on Delay Trees at Beats Per Minute
More from Finland later.

Delay Trees cover Everly Brothers "All I have To Do Is Dream" from Photosphere on Vimeo.

Before leaving for the Nordic countries, I caught an intimate acoustic show of Neil Halstead.
I was a big Slowdive fan back in the days, and it was difficult to buy into what he has done since then.
But checkout photos from the ever-challenging Doug Fir at
Prefix and concert videos on my YouTube.

I also checked out an instrumental act, Tycho.
Photos also at
Prefix and a video for "A Drift".

Buy Myself

Though I've been taking photos for years from film to digital, I have yet to make a sale.
I'm hoping maybe things will change if I can open up my
Instacanvas Gallery.
Please help by requesting it to open - it won't cost you a penny!

It's been slow for work last couple of weeks but got ahead of myself and bought some new "toys". Now I need to sell "toys" I don't use to make up for it. Here's
A LIST of computer/photo/video related items for sale.

I also been working on a video project by myself late at night that of course also leads to few photo outputs.
When I was in my first college for fine arts, I had to only rely on myself to produce work, which often meant being my own model and utilizing resources that were readily available. After working on several video projects that required many hands and footing bills, I have come to realize that it is best to employ what I learned from being an art student for practical reasons.
Until the video is completed, you can see some samples of the photos from the shoot on my
Flickr page.

April Showers

This April has showered me with some of the most memorable concerts.
I’ve already expressed my elation in the previous entry about The Church.
Jonsi, the lead singer of
Sigur Ros, put on an enchanting show (as expected). The voice, the visuals - good thing, his tour didn’t get affected by his country’s volcano temper. Not so fortunate that the long waited concert of the Swedish quartet, The Mary Onettes was cancelled.

Unfortunately, Jonsi played at the Roseland, and they have the tightest photo rules and I mean for press. So was really disappointed that I couldn’t get the photos I dreamed of.
here they are anyhow and they’re also on jonsi.com

I was asked to photograph Charlotte Gainsbourg - yes the French waif actress and daughter of Serge. Ok - I guess this one’s memorable because Charlotte was so shy and all I could think was - this is the same woman who played “she” in Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist”.

At the last minute, I requested to see PiL. I’m not really a fan but how could I pass on the opportunity to checkout such an icon as Johnny Rotten!
Very impressed for someone nearing his 6th decade still exuding the punk.

Then there was another concert I went for a friend: Aqualung. While Christina got Matt Hales chatting, I did my best with handheld camera.
You can see the video interview I just mucked up:
And the full
text version of the interview
Photos with my 50mm 1.4 prime since the lighting sucked at Doug Fir - as usual.

Album Reviews:
One of my longtime chamber folk pop, Matt pond PA -
The Dark Leaves
Then those young lad from Scotland: We Were promised Jetpack’s new EP:
The Last Place You’ll Look

March Rock

Just when I was enjoying spring-like winter weather, spring snuck in to spoil the unusualness of the season.

With warmer weather comes more and more choice-y concerts.
Started the month off with long-waited return of the young quartet from Scotland:
We Were Promised JetpacKs at Doug Fir. While they still rocked the “basement", somehow the magic of their first show felt dissipated. You can read Christina’s review.

Next up, those black leather clad-trio from Cali: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at The Wonder Ballroom. Their popularity has steadily grown since I first saw them about 6 years ago. Though I had to escape the claustrophobic sauna, we should be so lucky to have got on the list. Eddie’s review

Then a dismal turnout for Canada’s
We Say Party! You Say Die! at Doug Fir but that didn’t stop from turning the place into a party. I also wrote up a review on their latest album. And here’s what Rob had to say about the show.

It was a second time in less than a year
A Place to Bury Strangers came to town, opening up for The Big Pink.
Somehow at a conversation one night, Ameena and I decided that we should try to
interview APTBS. I just fumbled with my brand new zoom h4n audio recorder and let Ameena ask all the hard questions.

Finally to close off the rockin’ month, went across the river to downtown at Berbati’s to catch Norwegian shoe-gazers: Serena-Maneesh. A young band from NY, The Depreciation Guild opened up for them as well as a local band who used to be called Church until The Church gave them ultimatum. All three bands were worth my time, even if I didn’t get too excited.
Serena-Maneesh were very gracious in front only about 50 people and did not give a second rate show. Even if their new album’s not good as their first and I felt something was lacking, can’t help to like people who are humble. Rob is still working on the review.