Fin Reflexion

I'm sure for many of you, it feels a lot like Christmas… but I keep forgetting Christmas has yet to pass.
I usually visit my mum and the family in Florida for Xmas, but this year we decided to do our once/year visit during Thanksgiving to save some $ on air tickets.
Maybe I'll wander around Portland like a ghost on Christmas Day and observe the further entanglement that is the mystery of life… since all volunteering positions have been filled. Or maybe I should keep working on the footage I videoed in Finland.
But here's one I finally finished (well, I could make it better but time, time, time…): it may not look like the most time consuming of my video interviews to date but sure was a challenge cutting down 1:20 min of footage to @15min and trying to balance the three different representatives.
This interview on
Soliti label was purely a labor of love and a pretty costly one at that.
Musicians may not make much money but many of us music journalists don't make any. I suppose the industry takes advantage on both sides… but I would gladly empty my bank account to do it again.
Watch it below and you can read my intro, stream and download tracks at

I don't anticipate taking anymore concert photos before year's end so here's a summary of

Been discovering a lot of music from this year too late but here are eight albums that had affected me each in their own way (click on image):

And I did some other stuff but with short daylight, I am lazy… and there's always Google and
Twitter if you really want to know.

So as this dimension keeps chasing the future, I hope we are a bit more wiser and kinder.

Sigur says animals are for petting, not for eating!

Manic September

In my experience, premonition is a reality… before September arrived, "September to Remember" kept ringing in my head (and its never done that in all my previous years).
This past September was definitely memorable, if not the busiest month I've ever lived through.
And the most memorable moment is the interview with the Swedish snyth-punks,
I always get nervous before the interview and ask myself why I do this to myself…
But the interview with Holograms was the most pleasant surprise ever: they were friendly, funny, sincere, and nothing was off topic.
We could have talked all night but was not prepared with media space and battery power.
The 19 of September, 2012 will be one of the best memories of my life.
Because the interview was unusually lengthy (almost an hour), and I have to edit the video in order to make sense in less than 20 min, I typed up a text supplement, but
Beats Per Minute could not accommodate the length neither in print so I made my original doc made available (and still missing at least 25% of the interview).
Click on image for video interview

Jesse wrote a live review of Holograms show and you can check out my photos/concert videos at BPM.

Still working on finishing Musicfest NW photos for my Flickr album but uploaded several concert videos from the fest, including Wild Nothing and DIIV. Check them out on my
YouTube channel.
my fave out of the batch:

and also shot photos for Prefix:
Hot Chip and YACHT

Finally published my most aloof album review ever:
Big Wave Riders

And I still did loads of work for my "day gig": green screen shoot, wedding photography/video, lower thirds graphics, completing a DVD almost a year in the making for one of my first clients, and more business profile videos like this one for
Malka Diamonds run by a lovely couple:

Floating in Space

The last time Porcelain Raft came to town in April, I had the great pleasure of meeting the man - Mauro Remiddi.
I had a feeling we would meet and drink whiskey again before the year's end .
Well, the premonition came true last Tuesday.
Like his music, Mauro fills the atmosphere with groundless aura that makes you feel so free from trivialities of the everyday world. You can read more about it and check out photos at
Beats Per Minute.

I took extra time editing this interview, adding graphics to spruce it up. Must watch the part about
Christina Rock!

Porcelain Raft Interview from Photosphere on Vimeo.

Porcelain Raft may not float in water but it would in space ;)

Riding on Nostalgia

Lat Friday, I had the great pleasure of meeting and interviewing Mark Gardener - the frontman of one of my all time favorite bands: Ride. It was so nice to find out after all these years, why I felt such an affinity with his music - he lives his life much like I try to: art before capitalism. And he couldn't been nicer which makes a huge difference when doing interviews!
You can read my little nostalgic blurb and see photos at
Beats Per Minute and watch the video interview below:

Mark Gardener Interview from Photosphere on Vimeo.

Hej då

Can't believe it took over 3 weeks since my return from Europe to finish all the pieces I gathered during the 2 week journey. For the first week, my energy was high from all the fresh Scandinavia air and excited/determined to get it all done - sleeping 2 hrs during the day, 2 hrs during the night - spending almost every waking hours on the computer. Eventually the lack of fresh air and exercise I was used to during my trip took a toll - half of my body was freezing cold most of the time, headaches abound and the stress of not being able to control time. Then there's the fact that once again I was sacrificing paid work in order to promote the music I love.
In the end, I am not going to dwell on how much money I made, but how I was inspired and intrigued by places, people, and their impressions so it is worth all the irritation that comes with living in a capitalist world with an artist's soul.
I turned in my final piece last Friday. Didn't have as many visuals to intercut with the video version and using a shotgun (or at least having the interviewee hold it) proved to be a headache for post. Operating audio, camera, and conducting interview all by yourself takes a bit of practice.
Can't wait to repeat this labor of love in the fall - hopefully.

So here's the interview with brothers,
Johan and Niklas Angergård of Sweden's Acid House Kings.
Video version is edited to make video work so if you want to read the full interview, click for
text version at QRO.

Malmö Someday

I have a difficult time remembering how I first come to love most bands. I know one of my earliest encounter with the Swedish experimental folk outfit, Fredrik, was through their music video for "Vinterbarn" over a year ago. I was impressed with the video enough to find out more about them and soon discovered a word that was very much in tune with my aesthetics and sensibilities. My recent Eurotrip was partly based on their schedule - whether Fredrik would be back in their hometown of Malmö to fit with other appt. I had in mind. As fate would have it, timing was right, and I was not only able to interview but also catch them live.

Though I was only in Malmö for two days and didn't have too much time to explore the city, if I had to get the hell out of US, this is where I would move to. It's not as cold, high-brow and $$ as Stockholm, close to Copenhagen, and get a sense of similar artsy, indie atmosphere as Portland.

Enough about me. Read about Fredrik in the
interview at QRO.

Ah Stockholm

I first fell in love with Stockholm in the summer of 1999.
I was monitoring the temperature of the Swedish capital before I departed Portland and was afraid of the freezing temperatures. And that my love for the beautiful city would fade.
By the time I arrived in Sweden, the weather became very tolerable - sunny and reaching up to 50F during the day, while its waters were still frozen with pieces of ice. It was beautiful as ever.
Originally, Stockholm was a maybe on my Europe tour, but communicating with Johan from Labrador to get press pass for The Radio Dept., somehow I felt compelled to take a bit of a detour to do my first ever interview on a record label. And I'm so glad I did!

for full text version at QRO magazine:

Australian Invasion/ Swedish Love

I must confess, traditionally, February has always been the worst month for me. Halfway through this month, I can say so far, the myth is being de-mystified.
First of all, the glorious return of my favorite band, The Church with a monumental tour, performing three albums in one night! And they gave up Australian summer for the bitter winter of US for this! Well, at least up here in NW, things are pretty tame. Since they couldn't find a suitable venue in Portland, Christina and I drove up to Seattle to catch the on their second night.
Here's the review, where you can also find a link to photos.

And during that same week, I also reviewed fellow Aussies, Cut Copy's latest album,
Zonoscope. I put this one on when I need some energy boost.

And in less than one week from The Church concert, one of my other favorite bands - the elusive Swedes - The Radio Dept. came to town and left me with a big smile on my face. I had been emailing back and forth with their PR, trying to get a green-light for an interview with them. When I finally got my wish, I was so elated. But hours before the interview, I became extremely nervous. I mean, who wants to sound like an idiot in front of their object of affection? But it went down so much better than I had anticipated, and I'm still fondling in the memory of that night.
Thanks to Johan and Martin for being so cool. Can't wait to see you guys again.

Click for the Interview, which ends with my fave interview quote of all time.
And the Review.

All the while, I have been working on music video, business video, etc... which I hope to wrap up soon.
February - stay kind.


I always worry about bands touring during the winter due to the risk of paralyzing weather. Especially past the Midwest, where the cities are further and terrain more mountainous... but looks like Europe got the nasty bite with halted airports. Sure hope when two of my fave bands, The Church and The Radio Dept. (this is not band approved official site - they can't be bothered to have an official site) come in February, the weather will be kind.
In the meantime, couldn't let myself go for a whole month without going to least one concert. Likely, I discovered
Stornoway couple of months ago. Their debut album is one of those that gets better with each listen. How fortunate that I had the pleasure of interviewing the lads from Oxford....
You can checkout
my photos from poorly lit Doug Fir.
The full
interview in text and the edited video interview below:


So much music, so many bands - it’s a pity that you may never get to know your fave bands.
Though wish I had pricked up my ears earlier, but at least I found
Efterklang before I missed their second tour of this year.
I’ll admit, it took some time to warm up to their latest album,
Magic Chairs, and had to dig into their vault in order to fully realize what I had been missing.
When I saw Efterklang perform
“Cutting Ice to Snow” with the Danish National Orchestra on YouTube, it sent shivers all over my body, and brought me to tears. This is the power of music - it can get you high, get you to think, and take you to a new place. They are definitely one of the best live acts around.
What makes me love Efterklang even more is the band members themselves. They seem to have found their own little utopia where music is the king, and everyone is happy under its rule. They make me smile.
I was lucky enough to interview the lead singer and composer, Casper Clausen. This guy seem too perfect to be true. Anyway, won’t go on and on about how much I love these guys.
Funny how Denmark keeps giving me reasons to love... wonder if it’s a sign...

You can read the text interview, and checkout the
video version, which is edited with concert footage, as well as the photos I was able to get in that crappy lighting condition of Doug Fir at QRO.

The Church

Once I was at a summer camp at St. Mary’s College, the future institution for my first bachelors degree. I’m no catholic but it was to make mum happy.
Anyhow, it was at the summer camp in Notre Dame, Indiana in 1988, that I first fell in love with The Church and they changed my life forever. I had heard “Under The Milky Way” and liked the dark evocative sound of it. I was a music junkie and was on a hunt for the perfect band. Up to the summer of ’88, my fave band was a-ha, but they were maybe not complex enough? Besides, they were pretty well-known at the time and I liked the underdogs.
My roomie from Chicago had a cassette of Starfish. I put it into my walkman the first night I was getting ready to fall asleep. Within first minute of “Destination”, I knew I had found my band. The atmosphere their music created - and that melancholy, comforting voice and those lyrics!
Well, I could go on but I’ll end up with a novel.
So fast forward to present day. The Church is now 30 years old! Cant help feeling old, myself. So many implications... but anyhow, somehow I ended up interviewing Steve Kilbey. For a shy, clumsy, social idiot like me - what a disaster! And then we thought the whole bloody interview didn’t get recorded. I carried that weight as I witnessed another incredible live set by The Church.
Don’t want to bore you anymore, so here are the links to the review, the interview and the photo link in the review...

Concert Review


Loney Interview

Back in May, I heard a few songs on my favorite internet station: by Loney Dear, a Swedish singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. When I learned that Loney, who’s passport name is Emil Svanängen, was coming to Portland, I asked Christina to join me at Doug Fir for the concert. We both agreed that it was one of the best concerts ever and he had us in the brink of tears.
When I started taking photos for
QRO magazine, I jumped at the opportunity to cover Loney Dear’s concert upon his return to Doug Fir in October. I also pushed for a video interview as well as recording the concert. Loney Dear’s PR (Forcefield) said it was fine and so was Emil.
By the soundcheck time, we still did not know when and where we were to do the interview. And the band did not arrive until half an hour before the door. They had been driving 13 hours from San Francisco and were naturally, exhausted. Emil wanted to do the interview in better conditions but he also did not want to disappoint us.
There were a lot of obstacles and details to deal with in such a short notice and lack of resources but I hope the result is not in vain.
Video Interview
You can also check out
my photos from the show.