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2012 Concert Videos

I started videoing concerts not because I am a videographer by trade, but because I needed an audio-visual aid to help me write my reviews. These are mostly shot with Canon 60D with internal mic one step above mute. So they are not meant to be professional productions (no time and budget), and a pale substitute for the actual experience. But still, I can look back and be reminded of the wonderful experience. I went to about 30 shows plus two five-day music festivals and here are 12 most memorable shows of 2012. And of course there were several shows I didn't get to video so this list is not a "best concerts" list but pretty damn close. More at my YouTube

Fredrik “Inventress of Ill (and Everything)”
17 Feb, The Red Vic House, San Francisco
Last year, I traveled all the way to Malmö, Sweden to catch one of my favorite bands (and most underrated), Fredrik, in their hometown. This year, they embarked on a five-day California tour. This show was their final show at the historic Red Vic Theater on Haight which was laid to rest, but opened its doors for a private performance BYOB style. Wish the lighting and audio could’ve been better. They didn’t play my favourite song from their latest album (Flora) this time around so here’s my second fave.

Porcelain Raft “Dragonfly”
15 April, Doug Fir Lounge, Portland
The first of two times I caught Mauro in concert this year. “Dragonfly” is perhaps my fave PR song, and the insect also has a special meaning personally. This song became so much more poignant on stage and after the show. I played this video probably everyday for a month!

Lotus Plaza “Strangers”
7 May, Doug Fir Lounge, Portland
I’ve seen Deerhunter at Sasquatch last year, and Atlas Sound open for Broadcast at Doug Fir the previous year. While Bradford Cox still proves to be the alpha genius, Lockett shines on his own, and he’s unassuming persona is so damn likable. Overall, it was one of the most enjoyable shows of the year. Though the most memorable part of that night was the photo shoot afterwards (It was amazing how high Lockett could jump!).  

STRFKR “Bury Us Alive”
28 May, Burnside Skatepark, Portland
Srtarfucker could be the poster band for hipsters, but these guys come across as genuinely humble and nice.
So nice that they put on a free show on Memorial Day, which allowed me to finally catch them live. (I tried to get in one of the three Portland shows end of last year to no avail.) Now Only if I can get an interview...

Mark Gardener with Sky Parade “Vapour Trail”
22 June, Star Theater, Portland
From the first time I saw “Like a Daydream” music video as a kid, I was in love with Ride. But I never got to see them live before they decided to go kaput. But at least I had the good fortune of interviewing Mark, and hear him sing one of my all time favourite songs. Warning: super shaky video from a drunk camera gal.

Liars “Brats”
7 July, Doug Fir Lounge, Portland
After a rather subdued and rushed interview, it felt good to hear the songs from one of my favourite albums of the year quake the speakers.

Franz Ferdinand “Michael”
10 August, Wonder Ballroom, Portland
This was the first time seeing the Scottish band on stage. I caught them play in a record store about 7 or 8 years before their big show that night but couldn't afford as a student to make it to the concert. Definitely one of the best shows of the year. Ridiculous how many good bands come out of a country with the best curry fries.

Wild Nothing “Paradise”
08 September, Ted’s, Portland
Filmed during Musicfest NW, I was excited to catch the Captured Tracks showcase, and especially Wild Nothing. Jack and his band (different lineup from the Gemini tour) surpassed my expectation - turned out to be one of the best live performances of the whole fest and at a dive venue at that.

Holograms “Hidden Structures”
19 September, Mississippi Studios, Portland
This was one of my favourite moments of 2012. We had an informal and hilarious interview that went over an hour. It helped that I had couple of my buddies by my side. Unfortunately, only about 20 people showed up!  But these Swedish lads weren't counting numbers; they were happy to be in US after overcoming several obstacles.

Delay Trees “Gold”
26 October, Telakka, Tampere, Finland
Sometimes you take a chance, and it pays off. I wasn’t sure if going to Finland in late October by myself was worth my time and money. I encountered several mishaps and inconveniences but in the end, the lovely Finns made the trip totally worthwhile. And the best memory was provided by Delay Trees at this show. They had just released their second LP, but this song from their debut album stayed with me for weeks (it still does). I discovered a band that I know will be one of my favourites for years to come.

DIIV “Geist”
3 November, Iðnó, Reykjavik, Iceland
I caught DIIV in September during Musicfest NW. The half an hour set flew by, and I couldn’t wait to catch them again. The lighting was dark and shitty for video but being there was exhilarating. Guess my pinned up hair was slapping an Austrian journalist from Berlin.

Sigur Ros "Hoppípolla"
4 November, Laugardalshöllin, Reykjavik, Iceland
The second time I caught this otherworldly band this year. In Portland, they played at an outdoor venue which is always a treat. This time, we were squeezed into a bland stadium, but the performance was definitely superior in their hometown. I wished I had arrived earlier and brought my 70-200mm lens!

So We Finnishly Meet

October, you have always been my favorite and this year, you have forever marked my heart.
Once again, the events unfolded seemed to be bound by fate.
Finland was calling me, and I found a way to be there.
Things didn't quite pan out the way I had first envisioned, but it all coalesced like some forgotten dream.
Because I had decided to catch
Delay Trees in concert though it meant I had to travel further from Helsinki.
And because I had found the courage to ask them if I can ride with them, I am now forever left with a memory of one magical night.
It's not easy for me to feel comfortable around most people, but I felt like a child with an untainted worldview around the lads of Delay Trees.
Do you know what I mean?
Do you recall once when you were young, when you believed in all possibilities and found wonder in the simplest things?
Well, I would never be able to translate the feeling in words verbatim but something like that.
That wonderful feeling when you don't feel like the need for a small talk.
When you feel you have known someone before you ever met them…

I found Finns generally to be one of the most likeable people.
And they produce loads of wonderful music that had escaped my ears until this year.
Think I'll stop here before it becomes what it is not…
But there is always the sadness - slowly, eventually, it fades - if you can't perpetually replicate the initial experience.
One day I'll build a perpetual replication machine…
For now, here's my piece on Delay Trees at Beats Per Minute
More from Finland later.

Delay Trees cover Everly Brothers "All I have To Do Is Dream" from Photosphere on Vimeo.

Before leaving for the Nordic countries, I caught an intimate acoustic show of Neil Halstead.
I was a big Slowdive fan back in the days, and it was difficult to buy into what he has done since then.
But checkout photos from the ever-challenging Doug Fir at
Prefix and concert videos on my YouTube.

I also checked out an instrumental act, Tycho.
Photos also at
Prefix and a video for "A Drift".

Floating in Space

The last time Porcelain Raft came to town in April, I had the great pleasure of meeting the man - Mauro Remiddi.
I had a feeling we would meet and drink whiskey again before the year's end .
Well, the premonition came true last Tuesday.
Like his music, Mauro fills the atmosphere with groundless aura that makes you feel so free from trivialities of the everyday world. You can read more about it and check out photos at
Beats Per Minute.

I took extra time editing this interview, adding graphics to spruce it up. Must watch the part about
Christina Rock!

Porcelain Raft Interview from Photosphere on Vimeo.

Porcelain Raft may not float in water but it would in space ;)

Tragic Milestone

This is a milestone - in a way.
Unfortunately, not in a good way…
I recently switched from Mac Pro desktop to iMac. One of the reasons why I switched was because I was having such a bad luck with internal drives in the desktop. Couple of years ago, all my business and photos were wiped out. Even sent the drive to the best recovery place in the nation and nothing.
Last year, another internal drive started to go. Before I could get everything off of the drive, it died so I no longer have files for lot of the video interviews. Just about a week ago, the external Lacie (the only brand I ever had trouble with for external drive) drive I had transferred all my music journalism related items for the past 3 years plus an experimental video done earlier this year which I was intending to enter into a festival went wacko, and now the file markers are 99% invalid. So there goes the hope of gallery shows and printing some of my fave shots… you ask, why didn't I backup? Well, that was the backup just before the backup process. I have so much data that it would be a full time job to keep things backed up and organized as they are updated. But yes, guess that's bit of a poor excuse.

So this
Xiu Xiu piece is the first since the death of my music journalism catalogue. There may be a hope yet, but this gal has been let down one too many times. Trying not to be attached. Still hurts though.

from Serenity to Spiritualized

Last week, I attended two shows and both of them for free!
On 22nd, I won tickets to see
We Are Serenades from Sweden.
I always feel bad when bands travel so far and the attendance is low but Portland is weird like that.
But I have been feeling certain emptiness as I walk through the streets of this "trendy" city.
It was also on the same night Roger Water's
The Wall came to town - not sure if that would have made too much difference.
I do have a nice indelible memory from that night - while I was sitting at the upstairs bar at
Doug Fir, waiting for my friend, I started a conversation with a businessman who was staying at the Jupiter Hotel (for those of you don't know - it's attached to the venue). He was not familiar with indie music world, but I persuaded him to checkout the show. He ended up loving WAS so much that he bought 2 copies of their CDs and thanked me. I always feel so happy introducing people to music they love but didn't know it until I came along.

here's a video of We Are serenades performing "Daydreaming" and "Fireworks" back to back:

Also check out their Christopher Cross cover
"Ride Like the Wind" and the beautiful "christmas" song - "Come Home"
And the
Photo Gallery

I had been trying desperately to get a photo pass for
Spiritualized show but with no luck.
And as someone who is addicted to concert photography, I felt no use going to the show without my camera.
But then at the last minute a friend offered a ticket, and I couldn't refuse.
I had a 50 mm lens with my camera that day. I don't usually use that lens because it is fixed and can't really move around too much in a place like Wonder Ballroom to get different shots but when one doesn't have a photo pass, probably good to have such a small lens. Turns out, they didn't seem to care whether you had one or not so I won both ways!
I was still cautious though, and felt I could have done better job if I was "official".
I'm not a huge fan and it's not typical of my style, but I was absolutely mesmerized by their set.
Well, here's the


Shine On Me April

This April has been like a one fantastic voyage (ooh - one of my have Bowie song).
I have been finally busy enough with paid gigs to not complain for the first time (thanks largely due to
Galaxy Sailor) but also have been hosting a virus that suspended me in a sleep of half-wake state for the most of the time, sleeping only 4-5/hrs a day yet able to work twice as much - it really is a mind over matter!
And I must confess, I've also partied almost as hard as I worked.
Hey, it's all about the yin and yang.
Must move onto another task so I leave you with:
The Naked and Famous photos

And finally caught Neon Indian - that was a blast!
Too bad Alan's vocals were too low:

Missed and Found

After some dry spell, I'm getting excited about music journalism again.
So much good music coming out from everywhere, hard to keep up!
And I'm sure so much more I'm missing.
Just like a friend you always knew but never met.

Last Sunday, I went to see
Porcelain Raft (moniker of Mauro Remiddi), and turned out to be a very surreal night. Mauro was still living in Rome while I was spending my sophomore year for my fine art degree. Perhaps we were walking down the same street… but how surreal to meet him in Portland after all these years and felt like I met a friend I always knew.
You can read review, see photos, and concert videos at

Here's my fave song:

And my first
album review of the year - it was a tough one - some people have to be so damn clever ;)
Suffice to say, don't think I'll be doing another album review for awhile - feels like I'm back in my demanding art history classes at Notre Dame - though I do love the challenge and the academic reward…
Another new love - Choir of Young Believers from Denmark:

Photos from my second James show - unfortunately I was running on empty and strict first three song rule - the first song was pretty much in darkness :(

Swedes in San Francisco

Finally - Fredrik concert review and interview published online now.
To read the live review and see photos from both San Francisco shows go to
QRO magazine.
It was really dark so photography and vidography was pretty challenging.
Nice surprise when the band dedicated a song to me at the Hemlock Tavern show for coming down from Portland.

How lucky am I to interview one of my favorite bands twice in less than a year - one in their hometown of
Malmö, Sweden and this one in my neck of the woods (well, close enough when you consider how big US is).
For the video interview, go to
Beats Per Minute or watch below. But you can read my little blurb at the magazine.

Loney Treasure

Back from a week long trip to the NE. I had a video job in Boston and decided to drive to Montreal - because almost 6 hr drive didn't seem so bad and I wanted to visit a place that seemed to be most European... well, the 6 hr drive in the tiny Fiat would have not been so bad if I had enough time to enjoy the sights along the way except for the New Hampshire state liquor store. At least it was a nice, sunny fall weather-mostly.
Montreal didn't seem so European after all but foreign enough for the purpose. And of course these days, it's hard for me to take a trip and not mix my music jornalism so caught
Loney Dear since his 6 date N. American tour didn't stop in NW. Review, photos, and vdeos from the show are up on QRO.

Then while I was in my nice cozy B&B (
Le Cartier) in The Gay Village district of Montreal, noticed that Brooklyn Vegan finally published Day 1 (not sure when they'll get to Day2) photos from Treasure Island. Aubrey took most of the atmosphere photos but she didn't get her name in the credit :(

Cut Copy

I have been a fan of Cut Copy ever since the release of Neon Like Bright Love,. Unfortunately, I missed them during their previous tours. This year, I am making up for the lost time!
In March, Christina and I drove to Seattle to see them, and the show was certainly worth every penny, even the $170 stolen by some ill spirit. Just this past Sunday, I was lucky to get on the press list, thanks to
Sub Pop and Washed Out, who opened for Cut Copy. I had the best seat in the house - in front of incredible Tim Hoey -absolutely mesmerizing performance. I believe he gave me some of the best photos in my concert photography "career".
Tomorrow, I'll be catching The Cutters again in San Francisco.
I have to get up before sunrise to catch my flight so I'll just let my
review and photos speak for themselves.

One Hot Musicfest NW

It seems weeks since I had a chance to breathe long enough to make sense out of things.
The frenzy started the first weekend of September when I finally booked another wedding photo gig - with friendly New Zealanders from bride side in the beautiful Columbia Gorge.
By the time
Musicfest NW kicked off on the 7th, I had only just begun editing the wedding photos.
As luck would have it, the event coincided with the hottest week of the year - just few degrees reaching triple digit, and Portland is full of establishments with no air conditioning. Not sure if it would have been better the following week when the temperature dipped 30F and rained…
It did help that this year I decided to cut back on my involvement and forego writing which meant I had to diverge from my loyalty to
QRO (but soon found out still was not enough of a reduced work - was getting 3-4 hours of sleep during the festival).
As someone who developed dislike for taking the same route to the school everyday as a kid, I needed a change. So this year I shot for
Brooklyn Vegan, as well as Willamette Week.
Well, guess I'm already bored writing about this (and that probably means that you are too) so here are the links to all things I shot for Musicfest NW 2011.
But before that, few impressions:
- The band I most wanted to see at Musicfest NW:
The Horrors - they were great when I saw them 2 years ago and love their looks and style - guess that says a lot about me
- The best lighting:
The Antlers at Pioneer Square - so great to be outdoors instead of crammed in a suffocating enclosure - back to lighting - The Antlers at Sasquatch gave me some of the best photos and somehow, they were also scheduled for best photo scenario for Musicfest NW as well. Also didn't realize how good they were live before.
- The most boring set -
Eluvium and Cass McCombs Band - for the final closing night, just before Band of Horses, Cass and Co. delivered prosaic songwriter set fit for lowly lit intimate venue, not for Portland's living room!
- The scariest moment -
Neurosis - Brooklyn Vegan asked me to shoot this doom metal (not sure if that's what it is since I am not familiar with this type of music) band, and I was almost squeezed to death by the frenzy crowd.
- The show I missed - Handsome Furs - by the time I got the hell outta Neurosis show to catch them, Branx was stuffed to the brim - no room for a late coming photographer - it also felt like concentration camp sauna.
- The nicest venues to escape from heat - Holocene and Doug Fir has A/C and nice lounge areas - and no photo restrictions.
- The best place to recoup from heat - Nordstrom is right by Pioneer Square and has nice cool A/C, a clean restroom with sofa, and no one bothers you.

Ok guess that's more than few things and I've come to a dead end in my memory…

Summary of my Musicfest NW 2011 in photo album with every show I attend represented and links to more photos in the description

Not sure why my concert vid for The Antlers failed - pity… but here are the 3 I did get:
Band of Horses

The Horrors - very dark lighting
"Sea Within a Sea"
"Mirror's Image"

A Yuck in the Dark

Moonlighting as a music journalist means I can't always keep up with the latest in the industry so didn't learn about the British indie rockers, Yuck until about a quarter year after their excellent self-titled debut released to critical acclaim. Luckily, I had the chance to catch them in time.
Doug Fir's lighting is always frustrating but when the opener, Unknown Mortal Orchestra played in near total darkness, I threw up my hand. Focusing on barely visible item on stage, I had to fire up the annoying flash and soon my neighbor asked me to stop while another photographer for the other side of the venue kept blinding us with flash - this is when it sucks to be a press photographer.
I hoped that Yuck would not also employ the same light design as UMO. They did't play in darkness, but the light was bad enough that I had to heavily rely on my 1.4f 50 mm lens and lean against a post to steady myself using shutter speed less than 1/50. Did not resort to flash. I think it didn't turned out better than I had feared.

Read Jesse's review for the show with embedded videos - forgot to switch to the camera with manual audio control for the 2out of 3 videos...

To see more photos, click on the photo.

Dark Wave Heaven

There is something dark and gothic about Friday, compared to all other days of the week. So how appropriate that on a Friday the (no not 13th) 22nd, Doug Fir hosted a dark wave dream lineup with Austra and Cold Cave. We could only get one press spot through Cold Cave so I had to also write the dreaded review but I think it turned out not too shabby. 2 more videos from this show on Vimeo.

Click on the photo for more Austra pics:

And to watch videos from this show, go to my Youtube channel

Scottish Ghosts

Guess Mogwai shows are one of the most in demand list to get on so I should feel lucky that I did. But what can I say? I get lonely by myself. But I didn't resort to alcohol and didn't even have a drop of water from the time before the opening band, Errors took stage to the final song of the night by Mogwai - which was probably about 2.5 hour. And that's a long time for me to stay in any one place! You can see the fruits of my labor - how attentive I was (shh - the video recordings are big help in writing reviews)... the lighting was tricky so don't feel these are my best photos.
Click here for more.

some fruit but no stars

After a streak of successfully lining up all the interviews in Europe, things have turned upside down since returning to the States - and since the irking stolen cash incident at Cut Copy in Seattle.
It seemed we were all set to interview Pomegranates but never found out why it didn't happen. The drummer was the contact, and he never bothered to get back with meeting time or explanation. Oh well - I do these music press stuff to promote bands I think worthy of attention out of my free time so if they don't care then I can't care either. But we did check them out at Doug Fir -
review with photos and videos here.

Then we were told originally getting us in for one of three Starfucker Portland date wouldn't be a problem. Come closer to date and no show and no interview. Not too sore about it since I was a bit busy.

But really took my self-esteem down when we got denied to interview Crystal Stilts - strike three.
Was going to have Jesse do it anyhow but guess they didn't like my examples... guess that's a sign to take a break or hike!

Apparatjik Berlin

I almost forgot the event that sowed the seed for my recent trip to northern Europe and overload myself with music press coverage. My final press duty was in Berlin for The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator - a one-of-kind art/music display/performance at the very cool glass hall of Neue Nationalgalerie. Though I was disappointed that I didn't get to meet Magne who answered my email interview nor Jonas, finally fulfilled my dream of experiencing Apparatjik - for two consecutive nights.
You can read, checkout photos, and watch the videos of my 2 day coverage at

Brits vs Aussies

Just days after I returned from Europe, I went to a concert for the first time off the press list. Still, I couldn't help myself and brought my camera.
I first discovered
British Sea Power when they were opening for Interpol in Europe. Ever since then, I fell in love with their power pop post punk rock anthems, stage antics, foresty sets, and the general quirkiness that embodies BSP. It had been few ears since I paid attention to BSP and their show at Doug Fir on April 4th, reminded me why they are easily one of my favorite bands.
Checkout my
photos at QRO and videos on my YouTube channel, including their encore below:

From English band in Portland, we traveled to Seattle (no PDX date) to catch one of our fave Aussies:
Cut Copy. This was our first ever Cutters show, and we've been waiting sooooo long. Much to our delight, the energetic electro pop outfit did not disappoint. Couldn't have asked for a better concert road trip except that the next day, I discovered that my wallet was found without the big chunk of cash - when will humans learn this is not the answer... back to the positive side, Cut Copy - tied for best concert so far this year. Oh and thanks for turning down the offer to open for Lady Gaga ga goo or whatever her name is.
Cut Copy Photos and Review
Was honored when Cut Copy management asked to use my photos on band's
Facebook and Myspace :)
And some photos of the opener, Holy Ghost.


Though I could complain about a few things about my recent trip to northern Europe, it would be very minuscule. Contrary to my fears, the weather was very tolerable and every appointment was met. The biggest complaints are how expensive it is for an American, especially in Stockholm, and my suitcase met its end five days prior to my return - it's now rotting away somewhere in Berlin.
Had a bit of rough start before the weather loosened its grip of winter and trying to cope with unfamiliarities - likely the trip started in Denmark, where everyone speaks English (I do try to learn a few common phrases when I go to a foreign country, but Scandinavian languages are not as immerse-able as the romantic ones) and helpful - they are usually knowledgeable and honest, not like in Costa Rica, where it seems everyone has a different opinion about which is north and south.
After 8 days, I'm still about 35% from finishing all the pieces I have gathered during my trip. I didn't get to do much sightseeing, working on them as much as I can during the trip and have been at it ever since my return - guess when you also have video to deal with, it doubles the workload if not more.
My acupuncturist,
Shannon was sweet to connect me with her Danish friends, sisters Helle & Mette, who gave me an authentic Danish experience in their hometown of Sorø.

So far, Denmark pieces are done.
Spent 5 days in Denmark, based in Copenhagen to catch
Efterklang's final Magic Chairs concert and interview Casper with one day in Aarhus to see The Radio Dept. on their first date of European tour.
Click on the appropriate words to read the articles please.


So much music, so many bands - it’s a pity that you may never get to know your fave bands.
Though wish I had pricked up my ears earlier, but at least I found
Efterklang before I missed their second tour of this year.
I’ll admit, it took some time to warm up to their latest album,
Magic Chairs, and had to dig into their vault in order to fully realize what I had been missing.
When I saw Efterklang perform
“Cutting Ice to Snow” with the Danish National Orchestra on YouTube, it sent shivers all over my body, and brought me to tears. This is the power of music - it can get you high, get you to think, and take you to a new place. They are definitely one of the best live acts around.
What makes me love Efterklang even more is the band members themselves. They seem to have found their own little utopia where music is the king, and everyone is happy under its rule. They make me smile.
I was lucky enough to interview the lead singer and composer, Casper Clausen. This guy seem too perfect to be true. Anyway, won’t go on and on about how much I love these guys.
Funny how Denmark keeps giving me reasons to love... wonder if it’s a sign...

You can read the text interview, and checkout the
video version, which is edited with concert footage, as well as the photos I was able to get in that crappy lighting condition of Doug Fir at QRO.

What Come May: Owen Pallett & a-ha

This past May, I was only able to attend two concerts but it was definitely a case of quality over quantity.

On the 11th, my favorite violin player,
Owen Pallett, came to town with his magical keyboard and angelic voice.
His latest epic high concept album,
Heartland, is my favorite album of the year so far.
Nice setting for experimental chamber pop, but I always feel like I have to behave, and not get in people’s way at the
Aladdin while taking photos.
The only time people stood up was when
The Church played there.
Well, I guess better to just read
my review.

The second show was a fulfillment of our life-long dream. Christina and I flew to L.A. to see a-ha.
I never got to see David Bowie live and was not about to let anything stop me from catching my first favorite band.
It was everything we had hoped for. Our only regret was that we didn’t also come on the previous night.
Well, one can’t be too greedy I suppose.
Thanks to Kabeer for setting us up.
Links to
review and photos.

Album review on one of my favorite bands: The Radio Dept., and of course, they are from Sweden

Mew/Friendly Fires

I’m flying out on Monday to the sunshine state to observe tradition and thought I shouldn’t let the year end without rambling.
Finally shot my 8th music video the weekend before Thanksgiving. It’s only like 3 months behind the schedule but hey - I could blame someone but in the end I can only blame myself for having faith in certain people... negativity aside, it was a lot fun to be on set, working with some of my best friends at the Waterheater where we froze but had much freedom. I flew in Chris Covel, who was working on Adult Swim for Comedy Central down in L.A. to realize my sci-fi fantasy. In the end, the time got the best of us and now I’m struggling to find talents to help me in post production. But in my heart, I know I have to do all the drawings and post effects - God help me!
You can check out the photos from the shoot on my facebook .
The identity of the music video is confidential until its premiere date at the end of January.

In other news... I had to write my first music journal piece, in addition to taking photos. Really wanted to see Final Fantasy who was opening for The Mountain Goats but only TMG people were accepting guest list - and only one spot. Well, damn - TMG never caught my ear but the show was fantastic - both acts were ace. You can read my mumble jumble.
The review took so many hours and days out of me that I said I’d never do it again but fell into the same predicament for the very show. The xx were opening for The Friendly Fires who rocked Doug Fir - fun, fun, fun!
The most recent concert experience happened last Saturday. The Danish prog rockers, Mew, made me their permanent fan. Felt like discovering the second version of The Church (my fave band since 15). The more I listen and learn about Mew, I realize how much they reflect me and The Church was the only band that ever made me feel that way.
Mew’s latest album with the longest title ever made #3 on my top 2009 list but now I’m considering maybe even 1 or 2. Jonas’ voice at its high notes, can be less than desirable (though lovely when it’s not) at times but their musical compositions are pure genius. And they have the best projection show, created by the singer himself.
I LOVE Scandinavia.
I wish I had tried harder to get better photos...