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Swedes in San Francisco

Finally - Fredrik concert review and interview published online now.
To read the live review and see photos from both San Francisco shows go to
QRO magazine.
It was really dark so photography and vidography was pretty challenging.
Nice surprise when the band dedicated a song to me at the Hemlock Tavern show for coming down from Portland.

How lucky am I to interview one of my favorite bands twice in less than a year - one in their hometown of
Malmö, Sweden and this one in my neck of the woods (well, close enough when you consider how big US is).
For the video interview, go to
Beats Per Minute or watch below. But you can read my little blurb at the magazine.

March Rock

Just when I was enjoying spring-like winter weather, spring snuck in to spoil the unusualness of the season.

With warmer weather comes more and more choice-y concerts.
Started the month off with long-waited return of the young quartet from Scotland:
We Were Promised JetpacKs at Doug Fir. While they still rocked the “basement", somehow the magic of their first show felt dissipated. You can read Christina’s review.

Next up, those black leather clad-trio from Cali: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at The Wonder Ballroom. Their popularity has steadily grown since I first saw them about 6 years ago. Though I had to escape the claustrophobic sauna, we should be so lucky to have got on the list. Eddie’s review

Then a dismal turnout for Canada’s
We Say Party! You Say Die! at Doug Fir but that didn’t stop from turning the place into a party. I also wrote up a review on their latest album. And here’s what Rob had to say about the show.

It was a second time in less than a year
A Place to Bury Strangers came to town, opening up for The Big Pink.
Somehow at a conversation one night, Ameena and I decided that we should try to
interview APTBS. I just fumbled with my brand new zoom h4n audio recorder and let Ameena ask all the hard questions.

Finally to close off the rockin’ month, went across the river to downtown at Berbati’s to catch Norwegian shoe-gazers: Serena-Maneesh. A young band from NY, The Depreciation Guild opened up for them as well as a local band who used to be called Church until The Church gave them ultimatum. All three bands were worth my time, even if I didn’t get too excited.
Serena-Maneesh were very gracious in front only about 50 people and did not give a second rate show. Even if their new album’s not good as their first and I felt something was lacking, can’t help to like people who are humble. Rob is still working on the review.