2013 in Interview Quotes

Though I don’t use this page for news these days, thought would be good to update from a sick cat post to at times humorous interview moments in 2013.
Lot of fun during the shoot but finalizing edit is always bit of a chore. But what is elation without the torment? ha

April Showers

This April has showered me with some of the most memorable concerts.
I’ve already expressed my elation in the previous entry about The Church.
Jonsi, the lead singer of
Sigur Ros, put on an enchanting show (as expected). The voice, the visuals - good thing, his tour didn’t get affected by his country’s volcano temper. Not so fortunate that the long waited concert of the Swedish quartet, The Mary Onettes was cancelled.

Unfortunately, Jonsi played at the Roseland, and they have the tightest photo rules and I mean for press. So was really disappointed that I couldn’t get the photos I dreamed of.
here they are anyhow and they’re also on

I was asked to photograph Charlotte Gainsbourg - yes the French waif actress and daughter of Serge. Ok - I guess this one’s memorable because Charlotte was so shy and all I could think was - this is the same woman who played “she” in Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist”.

At the last minute, I requested to see PiL. I’m not really a fan but how could I pass on the opportunity to checkout such an icon as Johnny Rotten!
Very impressed for someone nearing his 6th decade still exuding the punk.

Then there was another concert I went for a friend: Aqualung. While Christina got Matt Hales chatting, I did my best with handheld camera.
You can see the video interview I just mucked up:
And the full
text version of the interview
Photos with my 50mm 1.4 prime since the lighting sucked at Doug Fir - as usual.

Album Reviews:
One of my longtime chamber folk pop, Matt pond PA -
The Dark Leaves
Then those young lad from Scotland: We Were promised Jetpack’s new EP:
The Last Place You’ll Look