concert photos

Floating in Space

The last time Porcelain Raft came to town in April, I had the great pleasure of meeting the man - Mauro Remiddi.
I had a feeling we would meet and drink whiskey again before the year's end .
Well, the premonition came true last Tuesday.
Like his music, Mauro fills the atmosphere with groundless aura that makes you feel so free from trivialities of the everyday world. You can read more about it and check out photos at
Beats Per Minute.

I took extra time editing this interview, adding graphics to spruce it up. Must watch the part about
Christina Rock!

Porcelain Raft Interview from Photosphere on Vimeo.

Porcelain Raft may not float in water but it would in space ;)

Voodoo Mission

After an unbelievable streak of sunny days for Oregon, the bloody clouds and rain decided to move in - just in time for the solar eclipse :(
On to what has come to pass:
Last Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting the Danish band,
Alcoholic Faith Mission, and interviewing the two lead singers, Thorben and Kristine, with help from my friends, Shirak and Veronica. I always bring a little present and this time, I decided to pick up a Portland original - Voodoo Doughnuts. Kristine loved her hamburger doughnut while Throben could only bite off a small portion of the bacon maple.

But no one was vegan so the cock and bull doughnut was left for the wolves during their set.

You can watch the
video interview and checkout photos at QRO.

And here's one of the concert vids - "Nut In Your Eye"

Since my friends Sundaze seem to be big fan of long exposure/ trail effect - did some experiments on their
last show: