Sep 2011


After all the ordeals and heratbreaking news that September brought, I'm hoping October will be a kinder month.
Here is the video for
ecoShuttle I was shooting while the burglary was taking place at my home.
If anything, hopefully it's a testamnet to my ability to deliver a video within 48 hours from production to post under stressful conditions.

We had 90min to come up with a plan, shoot and 48 hours for post. The business was located on a very noisy Columbia Blvd highway - freight trucks, railroad, planes, etc... so considering that and the budget, think we did OK.
Camera and Post: Autumn Andel
Production Sound/PA: Jesse Iiams Hauser

If you'd like to have your own promo video without the middle man, please visit our business profile page for more details.

A Relief turned into A Grief

The week long nightmare that started last Wednesday finally hit the roof with the cancellation announcement of The Radio Dept. tour yesterday.
Yes, I was very fortunate to have
interviewed my fave band and seen them live 3 times this year, but my heart is greedy. To be in the company of perfectionists who produce exquisite pop songs… their humility, integrity, and politeness so rare… my heaven's not on fire.
To be in the same space with them was the only thing I was looking forward to for the rest of the year.
But I'm sure they had a very good reason to disappint their fans.
And after all the tribulations my birth month had brought, I had to laugh & cry at the same time for fate taking away my dream.
Then I must tell myself it's all an illusion to shorten this long face the world does not desire.
Johan, you know me so well without knowing me:
I'd like to travel through time
But I can't do that
I never knew that good experiences
Could cause a pain like this
I want something that I can't have
- lyrics from "It's Been Eight Years"

So guess I'll see you someday

umm - I don't know why there are all these tags I didn't tag and misspelled too!

Update on Burglary

So found out even more things stolen.
Since I hardly ever wear jewelry and didn't look like they went into the other rooms apart from the main room, didn't know they had emptied my jelwery box and took a pair of diamond/gold rings that my mother gave me hidden in my bedroom. Now I'm wondering what other things are missing… I have been in middle of rearranging the house and planning to organize/downsize so things were in disarray - making it easier for the thief.

On Saturday, I had an all day wedding video shoot with
Ambient Sky - it was like the most stupendous and important wedding of the year and just before I had to leave, I was playing detective, prompted by a suspicious craigslist ad. I tried to get my friend to meet up with the iMac seller but they sold it before we could find out if it was mine. Even if it wasn't mine, I know something was not right about that seller.

You know how you go through stages when faced with unexpected incident? Now I'm angry and my blood is boiling for justice. Wish I had lot of money to hire someone to catch the guilty party.

I dropped a letter to all my neighbors offering reward for any help with the investigation.
If you'd like to help to cover the loss and security system, I'm having a
special on my button making service - that way I can stay home and still work.

Think goodness, I still have Sigur:

Stolen September

My favorite month is October and September has been the runner up all these years.
Times are changing and this month surely posed a lot of struggles and tribulations, culminating (hopefully it doesn't get worse) to an intruder stealing my most important belongings - computer, cameras, and lenses. Did discover that they also emptied my jewelry box but they are not important to me like my electronics.
I've been trying to survive as a freelancer for several years now via my skills rather than marketing tactics, and just when things looked like I might be in a position to soon afford healthcare, someone had to take away the tools that I needed to make a living.
This happened on Sept 21, between 10:45am-1:15pm. I've been living in this home for almost 3 years, and now I don't feel safe anymore.
Obviously someone had been watching me and looked for an opportunity.
The thief or thieves were vey careful to make it look like they weren't there.
I have a pretty good idea who it might be but they probably already left town.

But just in case, these are the items stolen - I have original box, serial, receipts for most of these:
iMac 21.5" 2.8Ghz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 w/12GB RAM ( it did come with 4Gb and I had installed another 8) - less than month old.
Canon 60D
Canon Rebel T3i
Canon 70-200mm f2.8 lens (my favorite) - not sure if the link is exact same model since I bought it refurbished
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X 116 Pro DX Lens
Sigma 8mm EX DG Fisheye
Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3XR
Western Digital My Passport Essential 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive Robot Design

To express how I feel, here's an old photo I made back when I was familiar with film and darkroom (didn't translate too well digitally).


One Hot Musicfest NW

It seems weeks since I had a chance to breathe long enough to make sense out of things.
The frenzy started the first weekend of September when I finally booked another wedding photo gig - with friendly New Zealanders from bride side in the beautiful Columbia Gorge.
By the time
Musicfest NW kicked off on the 7th, I had only just begun editing the wedding photos.
As luck would have it, the event coincided with the hottest week of the year - just few degrees reaching triple digit, and Portland is full of establishments with no air conditioning. Not sure if it would have been better the following week when the temperature dipped 30F and rained…
It did help that this year I decided to cut back on my involvement and forego writing which meant I had to diverge from my loyalty to
QRO (but soon found out still was not enough of a reduced work - was getting 3-4 hours of sleep during the festival).
As someone who developed dislike for taking the same route to the school everyday as a kid, I needed a change. So this year I shot for
Brooklyn Vegan, as well as Willamette Week.
Well, guess I'm already bored writing about this (and that probably means that you are too) so here are the links to all things I shot for Musicfest NW 2011.
But before that, few impressions:
- The band I most wanted to see at Musicfest NW:
The Horrors - they were great when I saw them 2 years ago and love their looks and style - guess that says a lot about me
- The best lighting:
The Antlers at Pioneer Square - so great to be outdoors instead of crammed in a suffocating enclosure - back to lighting - The Antlers at Sasquatch gave me some of the best photos and somehow, they were also scheduled for best photo scenario for Musicfest NW as well. Also didn't realize how good they were live before.
- The most boring set -
Eluvium and Cass McCombs Band - for the final closing night, just before Band of Horses, Cass and Co. delivered prosaic songwriter set fit for lowly lit intimate venue, not for Portland's living room!
- The scariest moment -
Neurosis - Brooklyn Vegan asked me to shoot this doom metal (not sure if that's what it is since I am not familiar with this type of music) band, and I was almost squeezed to death by the frenzy crowd.
- The show I missed - Handsome Furs - by the time I got the hell outta Neurosis show to catch them, Branx was stuffed to the brim - no room for a late coming photographer - it also felt like concentration camp sauna.
- The nicest venues to escape from heat - Holocene and Doug Fir has A/C and nice lounge areas - and no photo restrictions.
- The best place to recoup from heat - Nordstrom is right by Pioneer Square and has nice cool A/C, a clean restroom with sofa, and no one bothers you.

Ok guess that's more than few things and I've come to a dead end in my memory…

Summary of my Musicfest NW 2011 in photo album with every show I attend represented and links to more photos in the description

Not sure why my concert vid for The Antlers failed - pity… but here are the 3 I did get:
Band of Horses

The Horrors - very dark lighting
"Sea Within a Sea"
"Mirror's Image"