Nov 2011

Cold Advice

For the first time ever, I am compelled to blab about something that is totally off topic.
Now that the flu and cold season is enveloping us, this post just may be helpful to you in warding off virus.

It seemed unusual that I had not once come down with something this year. Last year, I think I got sick at least thrice - usually after being trapped in a plane. This year, I have taken plane trips three times as much, travelling as far as Scandinavia. Yet my immunity held strong. And I believe it has something to do with herbal tea I've been drinking almost every day.

In Portland, rosemary bush can be found almost every block. Not only they taste great in savory dishes, but they also make excellent iced or hot tea. I get frequent headaches and cold feat so I also add ginger if it's around. Sometimes I'll also add cinnamon stick or orange peel. Though I've only started this trend this past summer, I can't help to think that it has protected me from virus. On my recent 5.5 hr flight back from Boston, I started to feel symptoms of a cold. I drank about a half liter of the herbal tea, and I was fine the next day! Of course I also take vitamin B12 every day and my diet is almost vegan with most of the food prepared from scratch with plenty of herbs and spices. Exercise also helps your immune system but I hardly exercise so…

So stay away from mammals and sugar (virus thrive on sweets), take V-B12 and drink rosemary tea.

Loney Treasure

Back from a week long trip to the NE. I had a video job in Boston and decided to drive to Montreal - because almost 6 hr drive didn't seem so bad and I wanted to visit a place that seemed to be most European... well, the 6 hr drive in the tiny Fiat would have not been so bad if I had enough time to enjoy the sights along the way except for the New Hampshire state liquor store. At least it was a nice, sunny fall weather-mostly.
Montreal didn't seem so European after all but foreign enough for the purpose. And of course these days, it's hard for me to take a trip and not mix my music jornalism so caught
Loney Dear since his 6 date N. American tour didn't stop in NW. Review, photos, and vdeos from the show are up on QRO.

Then while I was in my nice cozy B&B (
Le Cartier) in The Gay Village district of Montreal, noticed that Brooklyn Vegan finally published Day 1 (not sure when they'll get to Day2) photos from Treasure Island. Aubrey took most of the atmosphere photos but she didn't get her name in the credit :(