Feb 2011

Australian Invasion/ Swedish Love

I must confess, traditionally, February has always been the worst month for me. Halfway through this month, I can say so far, the myth is being de-mystified.
First of all, the glorious return of my favorite band, The Church with a monumental tour, performing three albums in one night! And they gave up Australian summer for the bitter winter of US for this! Well, at least up here in NW, things are pretty tame. Since they couldn't find a suitable venue in Portland, Christina and I drove up to Seattle to catch the on their second night.
Here's the review, where you can also find a link to photos.

And during that same week, I also reviewed fellow Aussies, Cut Copy's latest album,
Zonoscope. I put this one on when I need some energy boost.

And in less than one week from The Church concert, one of my other favorite bands - the elusive Swedes - The Radio Dept. came to town and left me with a big smile on my face. I had been emailing back and forth with their PR, trying to get a green-light for an interview with them. When I finally got my wish, I was so elated. But hours before the interview, I became extremely nervous. I mean, who wants to sound like an idiot in front of their object of affection? But it went down so much better than I had anticipated, and I'm still fondling in the memory of that night.
Thanks to Johan and Martin for being so cool. Can't wait to see you guys again.

Click for the Interview, which ends with my fave interview quote of all time.
And the Review.

All the while, I have been working on music video, business video, etc... which I hope to wrap up soon.
February - stay kind.