Dec 2010

Happy Green Holiday!

For the past 2 years, I made Photoshop-ed digital card, starring the love of my life - Sigur the cat. This year, with jobs far and few, wanted to tackle something little more involved and decided to make a video card from items that were readily available in my house. The objects were shot against make-shift backdrop with aid of ironing board and everything else is courtesy of After Effects effects. I hope this is more green and far-reaching than had I mailed out cards to individuals.

Subconsciously, decided to use origami crane - somehow seems to be my personal stamp -
though I have forgotten my native language and much of the memories of my native country, I can still fold an origami crane after all these years.

Music - "Maran" by Fredrik - an excellent Swedish band that deserves more attention


I always worry about bands touring during the winter due to the risk of paralyzing weather. Especially past the Midwest, where the cities are further and terrain more mountainous... but looks like Europe got the nasty bite with halted airports. Sure hope when two of my fave bands, The Church and The Radio Dept. (this is not band approved official site - they can't be bothered to have an official site) come in February, the weather will be kind.
In the meantime, couldn't let myself go for a whole month without going to least one concert. Likely, I discovered
Stornoway couple of months ago. Their debut album is one of those that gets better with each listen. How fortunate that I had the pleasure of interviewing the lads from Oxford....
You can checkout
my photos from poorly lit Doug Fir.
The full
interview in text and the edited video interview below: