Aug 2011

In the Meantime

After a mild summer, the temperature finally ripened last week, reaching into 90s and high 80s, and continuing through this week. Aside from being allergic to sun, these hot sunny days make me unproductive since my options for air conditioning only extends to fans and iced beverages.
Well, before Portland's concrete swelled in the arid sunny days, my brain was exploding with all kinds of creative projects - some just too elaborate for my resources, but I did manage to shoot footage for a song I've been wanting to make a music video for. Don't want to reveal which band the song is by in case the result flops.
Actually went through about 5 different concepts before finally settling to one that was feasible with my "zero" budget and skeleton crew and equipment.
Until the video is done, checkout some photos from the shoot. Thanks to Carrie's goldie locks and Alice's peacock cape, which was originally used for Whisky Marine ( see- I'm always looking for ways to reuse and recycle), and magic hour - think the photos turned out quite nice.

A Yuck in the Dark

Moonlighting as a music journalist means I can't always keep up with the latest in the industry so didn't learn about the British indie rockers, Yuck until about a quarter year after their excellent self-titled debut released to critical acclaim. Luckily, I had the chance to catch them in time.
Doug Fir's lighting is always frustrating but when the opener, Unknown Mortal Orchestra played in near total darkness, I threw up my hand. Focusing on barely visible item on stage, I had to fire up the annoying flash and soon my neighbor asked me to stop while another photographer for the other side of the venue kept blinding us with flash - this is when it sucks to be a press photographer.
I hoped that Yuck would not also employ the same light design as UMO. They did't play in darkness, but the light was bad enough that I had to heavily rely on my 1.4f 50 mm lens and lean against a post to steady myself using shutter speed less than 1/50. Did not resort to flash. I think it didn't turned out better than I had feared.

Read Jesse's review for the show with embedded videos - forgot to switch to the camera with manual audio control for the 2out of 3 videos...

To see more photos, click on the photo.