Aug 2010

Crowded House

Sometimes, you never know what you’re missing.
Most people know Crowded House for “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.
I liked them, but never enough to collect all their albums or even see them live.
Thanks to Frank Donnelly, I realized what I had been missing.
Crowded House is an amazing live band, not to mention all the little entertainments in between the songs.
Check out the race they held with kids at the
Check out the
photos at QRO.

Steve kilbey & Martin Kennedy DVD

My first DVD review ever!
Luckily it was on Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy, a duo, who’s music I much admire.
Unfortunately, I had to be unbiased and the video production quality wasn’t up to par with the performance.
Well, just read all about it

Dry July with Apparatjik

Can you believe - I didn’t even make it to one bloody concert in July!
And so far nothing lined up for August but will be making it up in September with
Musicfest Northwest.

In the meantime, one
album review on my fave music/art project: Apparatjik with my little imaginary story about how this supergroup was formed.