Spring Update

I’ve been using Rapidweaver to create and update this site and discovered couple of months ago, the updated version compatible with the current OSX does not support the plugins I used to create some of the pages. I haven’t been able to find enough time to update the whole site.This page is about the only one I can currently update without recreating everything - so letting you know for more up to date videos, visit my YouTube or Vimeo page.
I am not a marketing person but trying to use
Google+ to promote my business though it’s still heavily music blog posts based.

Spring is springing in Portland with sun-rain-sun-rain... and here are the current specials:
Photography - 1hr non-studio shoot with 8 edited images - $100
Business profile videos - 1 hr shoot for a 60 second edited video - $300
-additional charges may apply for travel/parking
- can add on and modify these services
inquire at info@photospherellc.net

2013 in Interview Quotes

Though I don’t use this page for news these days, thought would be good to update from a sick cat post to at times humorous interview moments in 2013.
Lot of fun during the shoot but finalizing edit is always bit of a chore. But what is elation without the torment? ha

Just A Note

Since my last entry, I've been through another three music festivals and so much more.
This entry is to state that I don't have the time to post here much so for up to the latest "news", follow me on
Twitter (I use more frequently - mainly music-related stuff) or Facebook (not as frequent updates).


Sigur says, "look for me in a merchandise form - may need raise funds for my medical issues".

MusicFest Trilogy

It's been already 3 weeks since my return from the 3 week trip that encompassed 3 music festivals in 3 countries.
Before the trip, I was elated and daunted.
During the trip, I was exhausted and wished I had time to stop and "smell the roses".
After the trip, I am reveling in the memories - the good and the bad.
In conclusion, I much rather be sleep-deprived, miss the parties, meet-ups, sights, connections... than taking it easy at home with no concrete deadlines.
Life just feels less fulfilling when things are easy.

Some things I am thankful about my trip from London-Brighton-Barcelona-Porto:
There were some rainy days but not a single drop fell during the festival days which adds up to 11 days.

I had some of the best accommodation experiences in all my years of travels.
In Brighton, I stayed at
Paskins, which was an eco-friendly hotel with friendly staff and excellent breakfast options for mostly vegan like me. The weather was superbly agreeable and people in that city are just ace overall.
In Barcelona, I stayed at
Quartprima guest house in an upscale shopping district, super clean with full-kitchen facility that was very handy for my dietary needs. Plus they had washer/dryer access, and the view of Casa Milla from the common area. But I really liked the building's adorable traditional elevator. I was there for 6 nights and felt like it was a home away from home - definitely one of my favorite lodgings ever. The downside was that it was too far from Primavera Sound festival site so if I returned for that reason, I would only stay there if I could afford the pricey cab rides.
In Porto, I stayed at another guest house,
O'Porto Seven, which was also convenient for public transportation and likely, Optimus Primavera Sound had better commuting options so though the lodging was as far as the one in Barcelona in relation to the festival site, it was not the 2 hour struggle to get back at times. The staff at the guest house were very nice. Though there was no kitchen or laundry room access, the remote controlled shutter completely blocked out the sunlight which was definitely helpful in a country where they do things late - on the final night of OPS, the last act didn't finish till 6AM!

The people I did get to meet:
My first event was a
Soliti showcase of my fave label from Finland in London before the musicfest craze started. It was pretty amazing that fate allowed me to catch this event.

Fellow photographers/journalists in Brighton, Barcelona, and Porto, along with other fellow music lovers from all over the world.

Some things that were not so good about my trip aside from not having enough time to sleep or to be social due to work overload:
Getting so lost in Barcelona - after about a week, I was finally getting it then I had to leave.
Primavera Sound site was too big and too overwhelming for one person to capture it all, not to mention no free water for the press, poor transportation options, and dark porta potties. Oh and was one of very rare times where I either lost or had stuff stolen. So the pay I was getting from Stereogum for the coverage basically got wiped out.
Well, I don't think I want to keep listing negative things so going to stop here. If you're really interested, you can probably get the gist from my social media postings.

Time to attend other things so just going to post some links and state that the band I saw the most times was Deerhunter (4x).

The Great Escape
Day 1
This is my fave portrait shot (only did at Brighton since I realized I wouldn't have the time in Barcelona or Porto) - Girls Names, who I was most excited to catch at TGE and they were super nice.

Day 2
Day 3

Primavera Sound in Barcelona and more on my Flickr
Deerhunter - the first show where Bradford wore a dress as Connie L.

Optimus Primavera Sound in Porto:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
I would say Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds put on probably the best performance I caught here, and I finally understood what the fuss was about.

Some of my other favorite performances from the 3 fests:
Mac DeMarco - can never go wrong

Blur - was pleasantly surprised by the energy of Albarn and how he held my interest throughout the entire set
Palma Violets - pretty sure they had the most crowd engagement of any of the shows I caught
Liars - better in Barcelona but think the crowd was bigger and better in Porto
Thought Deerhunter's closing night performance in Barcelona was the best probably because it not a "stadium" show.

That was an adventure I will cherish forever but will never take on so many coverage duties in such amount of time.
From now on, 1 musicfest per trip!

Catch Away

It's been a while since my last update, which means I've been a one hella busy bee.
In a week, I will be leaving the country for more music event adventura.
If you want to keep up with my trip from London,UK to Porto, Portugal (Amsterdam probably last since I have an overnight lay over), best way is to follow me on
Twitter or Instagram.
Still have loads to do before my departure so here are some highlights since the last post:

Voodoo Doughnut Portraits - I asked Voodoo Doughnut if they'd donate their infamous treats for a photo series with touring musicians, and you can see some of the results so far by clicking on the title or the picture below of Ski Lodge. I will make a dedicated page as soon as I find the time!

The Deer Tracks - The world is full of wonder and loveliness waiting to be discovered, and this Swedish duo is one of them. Check out the video interview below and photos/review of their kick off North American tour in Portland at BPM.

Efterklang - One of my favorite bands and not because they make good art but also because the Danes are so damn likeable. Photos and review over at Prefix, including some failed L.E.D. balloon shots. But sure had fun kicking them around like a soccer ball afterwards.

More show coverage - click on the name to go to music sites (all with photos, some with videos, some with review, some with all three):
Adam Green & Binki Shapiro

Chelsea Light Moving


Phoenix - so Brooklyn Vegan never got around to publishing photos of the opener, Mac DeMarco and this video:

Palma Violets - freakin' low lights
Chad Valley/Ski Lodge/Renny Wilson

And couple of Album Reviews:
NEØV - Orange Morning

Girls Names - The New Life

That's about all I have time for now.